Junior DevOps / Sysadmin Engineer


We are looking for Junior DevOps / Sysadmin Engineer to join our team in Sofia.


• Collaborate with development team members to define infrastructure and deployment requirements and to ensure security of the software products;
• Promotes continuous interactions and feedback between team members as they work to refine and improve the software;
• Proactively suggest, create and deploy optimizations;
• Analyze current practices and use automation to simplify and lessen the daily manual work and to add more efficiency to the software development life cycle;
• Monitor the different functions that go into app development and deployment;
• Make a recommendation on the tools that testers should use when evaluating the viability of a new application;
• Ensure consistency in making code changes and deployments of new versions of software to various environments;
• Address issues that come up during different project iterations;
• Identify and fix bugs which appear within DevOps related code.


• University degree in Computer Science or related specialty;
• Previous work experience as System Administrator;
• Experience working with different testing tools, integration technology, working with automation and various programming languages would be an advantage;
• Experience with databases (MSSQL, MySQL) would be an advantage;
• Excellent troubleshooting;
• Working knowledge of various tools, open-source technologies, and cloud services would be an advantage;
• Understanding of computer networking systems and technologies;
• Open to learn new technologies and welcomes ideas from others;
• Motivated to learn and grow in DevOps;
• Wanted to gain new DevOps Skills and Certifications;
• Analytical and problem solving type;
• Strong team player.

LIREX offers:

• Challenging work on interesting business projects;
• Training and certification;
• Competitive remuneration package based on your concrete skills and your dedication to work.

If this offer is of interest to you and you think you meet the above requirements, please apply by sending your current CV.

Our company welcomes and reviews in detail every application received.

We as a company are committed, at all stages of our recruitment process, to treating candidates fairly, assessing only their personal and professional competencies. We do not discriminate based on race, national, ethnic, or social origin, gender, age, physical or marital status, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, membership of social or non-governmental organizations or any other unlawful criterion, in accordance with the applicable law in Bulgaria.

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We take extra care to manage the storage and processing of personal data in order to maintain its integrity, availability and confidentiality.

Anyone applying to this advertisement will receive feedback after the whole selection process has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding our requirements and/or conditions set out in the advertisement and/or the selection process, please contact us.