Entrust the protection of corporate data and archives to professionals

You achieve:

Optimized costs

Instead of making extensive initial investments, you take advantage of predictable costs based on the pay-as-you-go model.

Business sustainability

Ensure the continuity of business-critical processes by protecting valuable corporate information and having continually available and reliable archives.

Increased efficiency

Save time, money, and resources while improving the protection of corporate data and systems with regular analysis based on Artificial Intelligence.


Security, flexibility, and reliability with BaaS from LIREX

 Easy recovery and management of archives

 Cloud or on-prem archiving

 Convenient and secure access to corporate data and archives

 High level of cybersecurity

 Data protection in three aspects – proactive, active, and reactive

 Constant awareness of data availability


What is included:

Full or partial backup (file, disk, agent, NAS / shared backup) on 20+ platforms (Microsoft, Linux, VMware, O365, G Suite, and many others) Protection against viruses and malware, including active protection against ransomware and other crypto viruses. URL filtering Top-level cryptographic protection Backups scanning for malware and secure recovery Easy-to-use backup and restore management console

LIREX services cover the three aspects of data protection

Proactive protection

Vulnerability assessment and management of updates and patches Removal of malware from archives Forecast analysis of the state of hard drives in endpoint devices based on Artificial Intelligence

 Active protection

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Active protection against ransomware and other malicious software Auto diagnostic and self-defense: the endpoint and backup storage agent has the ability to make self-diagnose and self-protection against external influences

Reactive protection

Disaster recovery (both on-premises and in the cloud) Metadata storage for accident investigation Low downtime values ​​(RTO and RPO) when combined with disaster recovery services

Repository options

LIREX offers backup options both on-site and in a private or public cloud. The service includes:

Data centers managed by LIREX and partners based around the world Public cloud services such as Azure and AWS The local infrastructure of the client

For providing Backup as a Service, we partner with market leaders – Acronis and Veeam®. The backup services we offer are easily integrated into the infrastructure of the client.

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