How confident are you in the optimal performance of your IT systems and services?

Make sure they fit your business plans in practice!

Optimize IT management processes according to best practices.

Increase the performance of your IT systems and services.

Ensure the continuity of your business processes by increasing the reliability of your IT systems and services.

What is an IT audit

An IT audit provides a comprehensive view of the current state of your IT infrastructure. It not only focuses on the technology but also analyzes your IT services and states whether they are meeting your business plans. The IT audit also covers the analysis of existing policies and operational activities. The IT audit highlights opportunities for development and improvement and risks to be addressed.

Our team of consultants knows the best practices in the industry. They will produce a comprehensive report which includes a full review of your:

Servers and desktop computers

Network and security

Applications and licensing

Hosting and Internet access

Backup and disaster recovery


IT team and interactions with other departments

Service providers and costs

Audit report

The audit report will cover the gaps and will highlight the areas where extra attention is needed, including opportunities for consolidation, streamlining, and cost savings. At the same time, the analysis will reveal ways to improve performance, productivity, and efficiency in your business.

We understand that you are probably very busy with the daily management of your business. We also know that very often the corporate IT environment is not your main focus and thus it does not get the attention needed for ensuring optimal efficiency according to your needs.

In LIREX we provide more than an IT audit. Our experts follow the best practices in the field and help you to build the most suitable strategy for the development of your infrastructure.

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