Increase security and control of processes by integrating cryptographic tools!

Benefits of implementing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for the organization


Increased security and trust in your e-services and applications


Optimized and fast user authentication


Improved customer experience


Improved data identification, integrity, and protection E-commerce, online banking, smartphones and cloud applications rely on digital certificates to identify users, to connect devices, web services and business applications.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

PKI is a system using cryptographic tools for digital certificate management to achieve high security and control. PKI is applied in critical for the organization processes. The use of PKI and client certificates, in its extreme, where each user has a certificate valid for all purposes, is identical to not using PKI at all, and no trust in e-services, applications or documents is achieved.
The modern way of communication also includes formal e-correspondence, where the correspondents’ identification is crucial. Determining the authenticity and the author of e-documents is also becoming highly important. For example, when receiving an e-signed document it is not only important to verify that the certificate used is technically sound, but also it has to be validated according to the policy of use adopted by the organization.
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Improved business processes

The PKI policy of use is crucial for the improvement and acceleration of business processes. This is why, our implementation team includes ITIL and IT security experts, as well as legal advisors, who work together for providing reliable data identification, integrity and protection. Our expertise and adherence to best practices are fundamental for the inclusion of applications and services in the PKI infrastructure.

IT Audits

LIREX’s experience in conducting IT audits, security and vulnerability audits as well as in the development of data centres enables us to develop practical procedures for the PKI implementation and management, consistent with your organization’s internal rules, objectives and culture. The precise and concrete design and implementation of the PKI solution enable:

E-documents and legal status.

Documents’ origin, validity and authenticity are ensured by PKI.

Sensitive data exchange and storage

Convenient use of IT services requiring sensitive data exchange and storage. PKI solutions assure users that they are accessing the correct IT service. For example, this prevents involuntary access to a production environment instead of the test one. Protection against attacks such as MIM (Man in the Middle), scamming, and internal phishing.

PKI certificates

Flexible and convenient user access management. The PKI issued certificates are valid for a certain period and particular usage.

За PKI решенията си партнираме с производителите nCipher (Thales), Microsoft както и с open source решения. Може да се възползвате от тях както във вашата инфраструктура, така и като предоставена услуга.


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