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Consulting approach

Our experts will take the time to understand your specific business goals and needs to offer the best fitting solution.

Full lifecycle service

Our experts work together with you at all phases – planning, development and regular analysis with the most appropriate tools.

Extensive experience

Many years of experience and individual approach always in line with customer’s objectives.

Keeping pace with innovations

 Every day, technology evolves and we all adapt to the changes dictated by innovations, mobile demand and customer and employee requirements for fast and secure Internet access. Organizations are increasingly relying on Wi-Fi networks to make it easier to communicate with customers, and enable employees to do their jobs effectively, while at the same time corporate data needs to be protected.

Network performance can be achieved relatively easy with the available modern solutions, but it is extremely important to plan ahead. Regardless of the industry you operate, adequate planning at the initial stage of building a Wi-Fi access network provides a competitive advantage for the organization.

Get prepared for the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)

 Whether the devices are mobile POS terminals, inventory control systems, production sensors or other IoT devices, Wi-Fi networks have become a vital aspect even of everyday life, and the main and sometimes the only method of connectivity. At the same time, customer expectations are growing, and thus the requirements for Wi-Fi connectivity parameters are growing as well.


 Provide a quality service

In recent years, free public Wi-Fi access in organizations, especially in conference centers, hotels and restaurants, has become a standard taken for granted, and its quality directly affects the feedback and ratings received from customers. For this reason, Wi-Fi networks should be adequately planned and designed, as well as regularly analyzed with proper tools to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Meet employees’ expectations

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, your employees have their own expectations about the wireless network quality. As programs such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are gaining popularity, and the number of user devices is growing, (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Wi-Fi networks are becoming the main channel for accessing corporate systems and applications.


Be prepared

When planning and implementing a wireless network, you need a partner to give you professional advice. At LIREX, we have the necessary expertise to design the complete wireless infrastructure, consult you and select the right devices according to the network and application demands that need to be covered. In addition, we will give recommendations on other specific elements and technical parameters such as cabling, installation, etc.

We will present you with design, analysis and management options of a network suiting the specific needs of your organization and coverage – from small office premises and corporate multi-story office buildings to large production and storage facilities.

Use the right analysis tools

Once the network has been designed and adequately implemented, a Site Survey is done for assessment of compliance with the set requirements.
You will be prepared to meet the needs of the growing number of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, as well as to ensure network security.

Learn how to complete all the steps easily and achieve optimal coverage!

Let’s discuss how we can help you be more competitive, reduce costs, and ensure information security by implementing comprehensive Wi-Fi connectivity quickly and professionally.

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