Intelligent perimeter security solutions

The advantages of perimeter security solutions provided by Lirex.

Advanced detection methods

By combining different detection options along the fence, underground and microwave sensors, you can secure any part of the perimeter.

Compliant and economically viable solutions

Our experts will assist in choosing the most appropriate solution to meet the security level and the site’s requirements.

Partner with leading suppliers

LIREX has partnered with world leaders in the field Southwest Microwave and Magal Security Systems.


Perimeter security systems

When securing sites, two distinct challenges arise – selecting reliable sensor technology that meets the site requirements, and the provision of compliant and cost-effective solutions when the site characteristics or security level necessitate the use of different sensor detection technologies.

Perimeter security systems are a reliable and effective way of preventing unauthorized access to large areas. They also help to reduce the risk of vandalism, theft or damage. These systems are designed for outdoor installation. They are particularly suitable to provide security for sites with large territory.

The technology includes a variety of options – for installation along fences, for covert protection applications with buried underground cables, for protection of open areas or gates with microwave links and transceivers. All the deployed technology is monitored through a single advanced platform with a user-friendly interface. Automatic alarms for events further optimize the workload of security guards.

Increased efficiency and elimination of the subjective factor

Perimeter security systems reduce the subjective factor and increase the efficiency of security teams. The installation of multiple sensors around the perimeter of the facility eliminates the need for walk-arounds by security personnel.

The entire process of monitoring and surveillance against unauthorized intrusion can be carried out from a single location – the monitoring center where the entire system can be monitored. The system automatically raises alarms in the event of an unauthorized access attempt, line-crossing, trespassing, etc. and the location is localized with up to 3 meters accuracy.


What sites are perimeter security solutions suitable for?

Perimeter security systems can be built in different sites such as:

Government and industrial facilities of various types located on large territories.

Military bases

Power plants



Manufacturing facilities

Perimeter security systems significantly increase the security at such sites and improve the efficiency of security teams.

Flexibility, scalability and integration

Perimeter security systems are designed by our specialists on the basis of site-specific parameters so that the solution meets the security objectives and budget of the respective organization. Perimeter security systems allow easy upgrade and expansion. They can also be integrated with CCTV systems so that the overall security of the protected site is enhanced.

We have partnered with world leaders Southwest Microwave and Magal Security Systems to build our perimeter security solutions.

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