Digitize and optimize the process of generating and managing work schedules

It only takes a few minutes to create 5 shifts for your 90 employees.

You have the ability to flexibly, evenly and objectively schedule staff.

Manage work schedules and make instant adjustments at any time and from any device.

Key features and benefits of the solution

Efficient and optimal shift distribution

in the long and short term. Automatic selection of the most suitable candidate to fill a shift using objective workload metrics.

Dynamic updating of shift schedules

as changes or employee absences occur.

Automatic eligibility verification

of each employee on the schedule. Monitoring for the availability and validity of professional or medical certificates.

Objective distribution of shifts

during holidays, based on historical data of the shifts made by each employee.

Flexible management of working and off-time

to achieve optimum scheduling.

Visualization of personal statistics

as a tool for monitoring and controlling fair distribution.


How the solution will optimize work

Reduces manual management of work schedules by using an automated algorithm to assign people and shifts.

Automatic alerts

for various events thus reducing the risk of error or omission.

Efficient and sensible allocation

of employees for an optimal and balanced workload.

Reduces overall time

for generation and management of schedules

Indicates the presence of oversaturation or shortages

of staff and provides an opportunity for timely reallocation of resources.

The Work Schedule Management System is suitable for organizations that:

Manage multiple work shifts Have a minimum of 50 employees Have more than 2 positions for which they manage work schedules

The Work Schedule Management software is accessed and managed directly through the user-friendly web interface, accessible through a standard web browser. The system provides the ability to be upgraded in accordance with the size of your organization.

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