At LIREX, we have a specialized team of experts in the field of managed services – LIREX BS.

Our team helps the clients meet the challenges of managing large, complex, and dispersed IT infrastructures. With the help of LIREX BS, the management of your corporate infrastructure is taken by professionals in the field, so you can focus on your core business processes and priorities. With a carefully selected portfolio of managed services for cloud, local and hybrid infrastructure and 20+ years of experience in managed services, Lirex BS has become a trusted partner for international companies in various industries.



BackUp as a Service (BaaS)

Entrust the protection of corporate data and archives to professionals.


Server management as a Service

The management and monitoring of server infrastructure get easy with LIREX.


Ensure complete technical support, and focus on your business goals.

Managing IT infrastructures, whether large and complex ones or smaller local infrastructures is a well-known challenge for companies, especially those whose core business is not IT. It requires a lot of resources and qualified IT staff. Still, it usually leads to non-optimal processes, along with higher costs. By outsourcing the various IT infrastructure management services to LIREX BS, you ensure smooth processes flow, reduce costs and ensure your experts can focus on your business and the strategic IT planning.

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