Cloud is a platform for everyone. Make the most of it!

Benefits of cloud services provided by LIREX

Customized solution

Our IT experts take the time to understand your specific business objectives to offer you the most suitable solution, fully tailored to them.


Cloud technology increases the flexibility of your business and creates new opportunities for development and optimization.

Reduce IT costs

Pay only for what you use.

High security and protection of data and systems

We will assist you to define properly the responsibilities for cybersecurity in the cloud and take the necessary measures.

Business Drivers

Percentage saying the following business demands are driving or would drive their organization toward the adoption of more cloud systems or a hybrid cloud architecture


Source: Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Survey, February 2017

Cloud infrastructure is no longer being utilized only for tactical reasons such as savings and infrastructure resilience.

It has become a strategic imperative and refers to achieving flexibility and speed of the whole organization, as well as creating a better user and customer experience, and greater ability to accelerate innovation.

The cloud, in combination with the continuously evolving IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain is already a prerequisite for endless benefits.

The cloud also enables new companies to start and grow faster, as well as reduce the initial risk and costs related to their own infrastructure.  Many “born in the cloud” businesses have already emerged.

Moving to the cloud is not just about taking old processes and moving them to another location but an opportunity for redesign, optimization, and innovation.

We, at LIREX, understand your goals and help you achieve strategic objectives with optimal IT solutions. Our consulting approach includes also defining the challenges you face in the cloud, such as:

The main opportunities the cloud provides to address the listed challenges are:

Pay as you gо and achieve lower TCO

Using the right resources and services for your needs and the ability to pay only for what you use are the main approaches to reducing costs.

Easy and fast scale-out, scale-in

The ability to easily and quickly adapt application instances according to their load, as allows for peak loads without the need to constantly maintain a large capacity. Applications designed or adapted to take advantage of the cloud philosophy enable this.

 Cloud-native apps and cloud-natie services

Applications created for and in the cloud come to life in a flash

Solutions and services offered

Cloud migration

full service including design, planning and migration of data, services and applications.

Control and optimization of usage

introduction of appropriate controls and policies for cost optimization.

Optimization of cloud applications

take the maximum provided by the cloud such as scale-in/scale-out, load management, etc.

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