The first step of cloud migration.

Assessment and Analysis

of the existing on-premises IT infrastructure, services, applications (apps), and data prior to cloud migration.


the infrastructure hardware, maintenance and management costs.

Choose the most efficient approach

our engineers and consultants will provide you with steps and recommendations for a successful migration to cloud technologies and guide you to the most suitable cloud platform.


Professional Expertise and Consultations
You receive a personalized consultancy service tailored to your specific needs. The assessment is performed by an independent IT team (including infrastructure specialists, network specialists, IT security consultants, cloud technology specialists).

Cost Optimization
Helps you optimize your costs by providing recommendations for effective use of cloud resources.

Wide range of assessments and tools
You benefit from a wide range of assessment tools and methodologies that cover all aspects of your systems’ readiness to transition to the cloud.

Customized Migration Plan
You receive the optimal method to restructure your IT environment without disrupting current processes.

Reduced Risk
You understand in detail what the dependencies are between your infrastructure components and where there may be vulnerabilities in the migration so you can avoid them.

Compliance with regulatory requirements and standards
The service is compliant with your organization’s regulations and standards.



In the process of assessing the readiness of your systems, we analyze your entire organizational infrastructure and determine its readiness and compatibility for migration to a cloud environment.
You receive a complete list (Migration Map) of your existing on-premises IT resources/applications and their readiness for migration, including details on possible migration options and how this can be done.

Cloud migration readiness

Prior to transfer, we analyze the existing infrastructure, applications, and data to determine the optimal and seamless migration. We develop a “Roll-back” plan in the event of unforeseen incompatibility of migrated data and applications with the cloud environment. This is all done in production mode.

Migration Planning and Coordination

To ensure a seamless transition of data to the cloud, the LIREX team prepares an execution plan, and manages the migration process.

Data and application migration

Applications and data are transferred from the local infrastructure to the cloud efficiently, securely, and in a scalable manner.

Testing and verification

We incorporate comprehensive functional checks and tests into the testing phase, ensuring a smooth and seamless business applications and data transition into the cloud environment.

Optimization and Support

As a follow-up service, after the migration, LIREX can provide regular updates, resource optimization, or technical support.

In addition to the Cloud Readiness Assessment service, LIREX also offers a Cloud Migration services that ensure a smooth transition to the desired hybrid or fully cloud environment.


The service is designed for organizations that are considering moving part or all of their existing infrastructure (on-premises solutions) to a cloud environment.

These could be:

  • Large corporations and organizations with extensive IT infrastructure.
  • Organizations from regulated industries.
  • Public administration.
  • Organizations looking to optimize their costs by leveraging the cloud.
  • Other organizations planning a migration to cloud technologies.

With LIREX’s Cloud Readiness Assessment you take the first step towards your business transformation. Our team of consultants will provide you with an accurate and expert assessment of your cloud technology potential.

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