Are you sure there aren’t any hidden “surprises” threatening your most valuable data?

The Security Checkup service will help you to:

Protect your corporate network against cyber-attacks.

Identify hidden threats and respond to risks proactively.

Improve the overall security level of your corporate network

Your corporate network provides access to valuable and sensitive information.

Information that should never fall into the wrong hands.

Identifying hidden threats will allow you to address security risks proactively and improve the overall security posture.


Security Checkup Analysis

Security Checkup Analysis is an excellent solution for providing visibility into actual network usage and getting key recommendations on how to protect it.

Through the Security Checkup service, our experts will monitor and analyze traffic to detect potential ongoing security issues in the overall IT environment, and recommendations can be made to minimize risks.

During the analysis, we inspect mirrored traffic on your corporate network. This method poses no risks to network configuration and availability.


At the end of the analysis period, you will receive a comprehensive report where you will find:

Whether and which devices malware has been detected

Whether high-risk web applications are being used

Are there intrusion attempts and bot attacks

What are the risks of losing sensitive data

Are there threats to endpoints and mobile devices

How is traffic used, are there high-risk users

What are the recommendations to protect your corporate network


Cybersecurity issues can remain hidden long after they have started. They are also often the result of careful and strategic planning and phased deployment. Reach out to us now to get visibility into your network’s actual usage, as well as key recommendations on how to secure it.

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