Take advantage of the Cloud without making a total change, right away!

Benefits of hybrid infrastructure:


Take advantage of the Cloud while storing corporate sensitive data locally.


Take advantage of additional resources in a cloud environment right when you need them.

Cost efficiency

Use additional resources only when you need them and pay only as much as you use.


The hybrid infrastructure can serve as a transition to a cloud environment and thus facilitate smooth migration.

The limitations of legacy systems

Percentage saying their legacy systems are a significant hindrance in the following areas


Sourse: Harvard Business Review analytic services survey, February 2017

Whether the hybrid infrastructure is a step in the transition to a cloud infrastructure or it is the final objective of achieving optimal performance between in-house and cloud infrastructure, LIREX will get you through all the challenges along the way.

The hybrid infrastructure challenges differ from those associated with the classic infrastructure. They are also not identical to the challenges of a cloud-only environment.

Our consulting approach, getting a deep insight into your specific objectives and environment, combined with our deep expertise and the right technology are the prerequisites for successfully overcoming the challenges related to:

Solutions and services offered

Architecture and design

Тo benefit from a hybrid infrastructure, it is crucial that the architecture and design focus on the applications and services.

Application and data access management

Hybrid infrastructure requires a far more complex and comprehensive approach to secure and regulated access.

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