On-premise infrastructure still has its advantages

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Hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined networks are gaining more popularity: easier management through a single platform, easier implementation of additional resources, and cost-efficiency.

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Our experts will take the time to understand your specific business objectives and requirements to offer you the best fitting solution.

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Although the cloud provides many advantages, there are still reasons for organizations to prefer the traditional infrastructure.

In the technology world, there is no single solution that is the best fit for every case. Rather, it is necessary to evaluate each particular case and have an individual approach.

We, at LIREX, offer a personalized approach to every customer, considering the business objectives and the IT environment.

Cloud solutions are evolving, but so is the on-prem technology. The benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined networks are increasing drastically – easier management through a single platform, easier scale-out due to its modular architecture and improved cost efficiency due to more efficient use of resources.

If some of the following factors exist in your organization adherence to the traditional on-prem infrastructure is usually suitable and justified:

On-premise services

Architecture and design

When making the design and architecture, we consider the following key factor: the IT services and applications to be used, the expected growth, the best practices, and the validated vendor solutions.

Hardware support

Authorized service and support partner for all the hardware brings you reliability and peace of mind. Reduce service failures caused by hardware malfunctions and ensure incident recovery promptly.

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